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Use your iPhone for something useful

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Skillsom conduct survey from April 2020 until Jun 2020 about learning habits and studying issues. The survey is conducted in 12 countries all over the world (Brazil, Estonia, Spain, Turkey, Iran, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, India) and we have a couple of exciting results we want to share with you.

This one was intriguing for us. Since students spent so much time on their phones, we expected that they would use phones heavily for studying as well. Our survey suggests that students don‘t use their phones as a tool for learning.

On the other hand, they use their phones as the primary source of online activity almost regularly. Here is some additional research on that topic

Having all this in mind, we see great potential in helping students by creating Apps for helping students with studying issues and provide a better experience overall.

The first App from our kitchen is “Smart Timing”, and you can find it here:

This simple App just reminds student when it is time for reviewing the learned lessons. There is the science behind this timing algorithm, but we will give more details about it in some of our next blogs.

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