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Smart Timing is
Smart Learning

Learning technique turned into an app 

that will save you time and effort!

SmrTiming: Features

Save your time and effort. Spend less time studying and still make great results!

If we told you that by repeating your lessons only in precise moments called Smart Timing, you will spend significantly less time on it, and keep the results great – would you be ready to change your learning routine and try something new?


You are not chasing rabbits on your smartphone.


Maybe you think that smartphone distracts you during the learning process? Our app helps you to achieve more while you are studying.

Like everything else, smart ways of using technology makes benefits

for you!


Improve your confidence and overcome crisis. 


By properly following all the steps the application offers you in the learning process, you can be sure that the lessons are learned. Indeed. The end result – you have the knowledge and the extra time you can invest in your favorite activities.

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"The point is that repetitions are not always effective because you are missing the

ideal time to consolidate your knowledge. The app monitors your brain's learning activity

and organizes repetition time before the brain starts deleting information."

Smart Timing App Team

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