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Shift from surviving to thriving!

Overcome exam anxiety.

SmarTiming app is here to help!

We all know how student life can be stressful. Due dates. Exams. Papers. Books. Libraries. Lots of coffee and sleepless nights. This list goes on and on, it’s like you are in an endless circle of reading, repeating and forgetting.

Studies showed that students spend most of their time revising the lessons already learned (as much as 80%) due to high exam anxiety and fear of forgetting, that is, they fear that they are not prepared enough.

Luckily, stress-filled 21st century brings a lot of perks for those who are currently working hard on getting that degree, because now we can use our silent helpers, our smart devices, to help us organize our tasks, drink enough water or in our case remind us of when it is time to revise our lesson before that forgetting curve kicks in. That is why we have created SmarTiming app. An app that is engineered to calculate the next repeating time using the proven, but complex algorithm.


Words from the students who tried this method before we created SmarTiming

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I had issues with exams, during my last year of medical school, lot of stuff piled up. Whenever I tried to review the lesson I ended up relearning it all over again. I was anxious about my studies, i started to doubt in myself. My professor introduced me to this method. There wasn't an app then, and I calculated each repetition time for each lesson manually. It was exhausting, but in the end, I managed to gain control of my exams and finish school on time. It wouldn't be possible without this system.



I wanted to quit my studies at that time. I tried almost everything. In the end, I gave this system a chance. It was complicated to calculate each repetition, but It was rewarding. I didn't drop out, and I managed to complete my degree on time. But, please do something to make the calculating and tracking process more effortless.

Hermann's science behind
The Forgetting Curve

In the 19th century, the psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus explored the exponential nature of forgetting, and came up with a formula that explains the forgetting curve. We can prevent forgetting if we repeat the learned material before the forgetting curve gets steep down. But we know you do not have enough time to sit and calculate that exact moment when your brain is going to start forgetting so that is why we used Hermann’s equations and put it in your smartphone with SmarTiming app.

There are lot of effective studying techniques such as mind maps, and flashcards, but none of them cover the main issue of forgetting. And by using this little trick you can reduce total revising time by 50%.

Let us put that in numbers. If you spend 100 hours reading and repeating, and if the repeating part is 80% that means you spend 80 hours just on revising. But, if you use the SmarTiming app you can reduce total learning time by 40 hours, which means that total time spent studying will drop from 100 to 60 hours without losing quality, and suddenly you have enough time to spend time with your friends.


Learn and stay well organized

Easy way to add and navigate through lessons. Organize your lessons by category (usually by your course's topic). The list of lessons ordered will be created according to reviewing time and you'll be shown what you should review now and what to schedule for the following days.

Your personal study calendar

Friendly reminders for maintaining consistency in your progress. Notifications will be sent when learned material should be reviewed. Even without opening the app, a notification will remind you that you have a lesson ready for review. 

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Be true to

You can rate every reviewed lesson by giving it between one and five stars. By the end of the studied lesson you'll be able to see the average rating of your learning process. To make it a bit more fun, you can add stickers to your lessons. Be creative and use these tools, since some lessons are more interesting than others :)


SmarTiming app by Skillsom OU is your learning companion.

It gives you excellent results in less time, so give it a try!


iCloud sync and no annoying pop ups!

All  your data is synced through all devices you are using, whether it's an iPad, iPhone or Mac M.

Also, we should mention that after purchasing our SmarTiming app, we will no longer bother you with annoying ads, paying updates or any other specific features or subscriptions.  

​When SmarTiming becomes part of your daily routine, you will notice in time that it is the substantial learning tool you have been looking for.

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Meet your

new sidekick

Of course, you will still need to sit down and open that textbook.  But maybe now you will be more eager to start sitting and studying knowing that you are going to do that in twice less time than you did before, for example, last week when you did not have this ace up your sleeve, or if we may say in your pocket.

SmartTiming app should become your best new studying companion.


How this all started

In the beginning there was a student. Sleep deprived, anxious, worried student. We were all that student, and some of us still are. Some of those students grew up and became university professors and teachers who started noticing new young people, now their students, having the same struggles they once had. So the idea was born. How to help more then a million souls troubling same worries? And why do we spend so much of our time repeating all over again the same stuff we already learned? So we conducted some research and while we were dealing with their struggles one pattern has surfaced above the others. Most of those who grappled with their studies had the same anxiety caused by fear of not remembering everything they learned, or fear of forgetting. So that is why we all spent countless hours on revising lessons.

In an attempt to help those with this problem we tried many learning techniques, and all of them helped to some degree, but none of them solved the problem we were addressing to. That is when we found out about forgetting curve and Hermann Ebbinghaus’s algorithm.

Students who used this technique had drastically reduced anxiety while studying, their confidence was higher, and they shortened the amount of time spent relearning lessons. It was a significant improvement better than any other. However, there was one big issue with that technique. The calculation of when they should repeat each lesson using the forgetting curve formula, and a couple of other parameters, was too complicated for a manual calculation. So, those students from the beginning decided to gather a team of people who will develop that idea into a useful tool and the SmarTiming app was born. Made with understanding from students, for students; to everyone who has those days when they think they cannot do it. You all can!

Here are some of the
quotes from our users.

"This app is a lifesaver!"

"I’m far less anxious knowing that Smart Timing app is

keeping track of my lessons and revision dates."

"I got used to it pretty quick, it really made difference

in managing time spent on studying and repeating."

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